Startups changing your urban life #2 – Clean Vehicles

Some startups want to revolutionize our urban life. Each one, with its innovation, is increasing the way we save energy. For instance, some of these new and young companies are optimizing energy usage in our everyday lives or fight against pollution linked with transportation.  After a deep analysis of the actors of the sector “clean vehicles”, Fournisseur-Energie is introducing to you the most interesting and promising startups :

Ian Motion

Ian Motion turns old vehicles into electric vehicles to give them a new life. They replace the old engine by an electric one, thus turning mythical cars into non-polluting ones.


Oocar connects the car to the diver’s smartphone thanks to a system plugged to the diagnostic socket. The driver can access information such as the battery level, the fuel consumption, the carbon dioxide emissions, etc. Oocar then offer solutions to make the driving better and economize on every expense linked to the vehicle.


Exoès’ technology collects heat from exhaust systems to reduce both pollutants’ emissions and fuel consumption. It takes the form of a smart exhaust system able to save heat and turn it into electrical or mechanical energy.


G2Mobility creates connected charging stations, which for instance allow energy management and remote payment. Stations’ owners can supervise them from another place. The company address both individuals and territorial communities thanks to its various solutions.


Advansolar makes and installs connected solar charging stations for cars and bikes. The solar electric production is enough for the vehicles’ need. Because they are connected, it is possible to manages bikes fleet in location or free-to-use for mobility operators, companies or territorial communities.


Clip&Bike creates charging stations for bikes. Their system works by induction, which means the stations is not sensible to humidity and can easily be installed outside.


Park’n Plug develops NEMO, a management system for charging stations in collective buildings. NEMO organize every vehicle charge according to arrival and departure time. The point is to avoid that all the vehicles charge simultaneously and exceed the parking’s electrical capacity. Every user is only charged for his own consumption.

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Les startups qui révolutionnent la vie urbaine #2 – Véhicules propres


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